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We are committed to extending the reach of life saving temperature sensitive materials for research and treatment to humans around the world.

Our mission is to ensure the safe and effective transport of temperature sensitive biotech and pharmacological drugs and materials.

evo™ wins MDEA 2015 Silver Medal for design excellence in medical product packaging
ISCT Conference- May 27-29th
SAVSU showcasing the
evo™ smart shipper with Biolife Solutions
CryoQ container chosen for Ebola vaccine trials by the World Health Organization- read the ABQ Journal article
SAVSU attending
WHO TechNet 21 Conference - May 11-15th

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evo™ small volume shipper combines long-range temperature stability with an integrated wireless communication system, relaying critical payload data and exact location in real-time.

Users can access data such as payload temperature, exact location, humidity and shock and vibration as well as set up alerts if the shipping criteria are not being met.

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