Solutions for delivering temperature sensitive biologics and cellular therapies that are as intelligent as the life-saving materials they transport.

biologistex LLC partners with MNX Global Logistics to offer same day services for the evo™- press release

wins MDEA 2015 Silver Medal for design excellence in medical product packaging
CryoQ container chosen for Ebola vaccine trials by the World Health Organization- read the ABQ Journal article
Thinking outside the box
SAVSU shippers are designed for the real world and the real people who use them. Our systemic approach to design focuses on reducing the risks and costs of shipping temperature sensitive biologics.
• Small batch production
• Custom fit solutions
• Digital fabrication
• Rapid prototyping
Design Principles
Effective design uses high performance, innovative materials.

Efficient design is human centered with components that are easy to use and reduce errors and waste.
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Inside intelligence
We don't just build boxes, we design solutions that understand and meet the diverse requirements of temperature sensitive biologics delivery.
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Temperature Ranges
• 20-25˚C CRT
• 2-8˚C Refrigerated
• -20 ˚C Frozen
• -80˚C Dry Ice
• Reusable
• Integrated wireless data & tracking
• Nanoporous insulation
• ABS plastic outer shell
• Custom payload carrier
• All season, non-freezing cold packs

• Simplified packout
• Designated payload & cold packs
• Long range temperature stability
• Reusable cold packs
• Durable & reusable

Going beyond the last mile
SAVSU temperature sensitive biologics delivery systems serve the needs of a broad range of markets and applications. We are committed to working with our clients to develop solutions that meet their requirements whether these critical materials are being transported across the country or around the world.
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Public Health

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Clinical Trials

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Regenerative Medicine

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