evo. The first fully integrated system designed for moving live cell therapies

The problem: Current Cold Chain 1.0 packaging solutions are NOT up to the extreme challenges of safely transporting live cell therapies used in precision medicine. Its staid technology was developed decades ago initially for the food and flower industries, and retrofitted to meet the needs of life sciences. It has languished in a lack of innovation. Current, non-integrated solutions simply cannot meet the much higher performance demands of fragile and sensitive next-generation personalized medicines.   

The solution: evo® Cold Chain 2.0™ is a fully integrated system developed specifically for the movement of live cells used in biotechnology and precision medicine applications.  

The evo® Cold Chain 2.0™ system components are:

hardware + software +
communication + services

The evo® Cold Chain 2.0™ system was designed from the ground up specifically to provide comprehensive end-to-end transport protection and visibility for cell manufacturers, doctors, clinicians, and other critical stakeholders, assuring thermal stability, constant communication, actionable data and documented compliance.

live cell visibility platform

The evo Cold Chain 2.0 system allows visibility of your live cells between patient and manufacturing facility.   Exact environmental conditions within the payload carrier are available for viewing by user-defined stakeholders at any time during a shipment through our proprietary cloud-based visibility platform, allowing for complete visibility of your live cells enroute from patient to cell manufacturing facility. Capturing critical internal and external temperature data, humidity, shock, vibration, light, location, and geo fencing are among evo® Cold Chain 2.0™ system capabilities. Dynamic messaging is built-in should a user-defined and programmable event notification or alarm trigger an event, or if the patented Countdown Stability Timer is about to expire. evo® keeps monitoring conditions from the time the cells are packed for transport until the package is opened by the recipient, thereby improving chain of custody recording.


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delivering intelligence

evo® is designed to protect and maintain your precious highly engineered live cell treatments in the highest quality condition.    Precision medicine companies are data driven. So are we.  Current transport containers and systems are widely based on a risky "validate and assume" approach. We know that every single package in every single shipment is subject to many challenges and potential hazards during transport. This is not acceptable when a patient is waiting on the other end for a personalized therapy. Simply assuming the product looks okay when it arrives does not mean it hasn’t been exposed to hazards in distribution that can negatively impact the quality of your cells.

evo® Cold Chain 2.0™ offers real time monitoring and recording of the actual payload environmental conditions that your cells are experiencing.   If alarm conditions occur, every vital person in the supply chain will be contacted immediately.   At the end of the journey a complete trip report is automatically generated and sent to you for your permanent records. The more the evo® system is used, the more valuable trip data becomes, accumulating in one central system for future logistics analysis.

one platform, all temperature ranges

Simplify your life: evo® Cold Chain 2.0™ provides one system, one data platform, one vendor for all of your live cell temperature ranges.   evo® hardware is engineered and patented specifically  to exceed the unique challenges of each temperature range.  evo® software works exactly the same for all models.  Just pick the appropriate container at the beginning of the shipment and evo® does the rest.

  • CRT (pcm, custom temp. ranges)
  • 2-8˚C (wet ice/pcm)
  • -80˚C (dry ice)
  • -196˚C dry vapor shipper (LN2 charged)



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we scale from clinical to commercial

In the clinical trial stage, a thermal excursion, lost shipment, or lack of data can endanger a multi-million dollar investment and derail a promising therapy.  You need the best system for cell protection during transport with outstanding thermal stability and precise data management.  The closer to commercialization, the more critical and valuable the data can become.  

evo® Cold Chain 2.0™ system's qualities of elegant, error-free assembly, outstanding thermal stability,  extended autonomy, comprehensive and actionable monitoring data, assignable alerts and messaging, and flexible configurations are your assurance that your cells not only arrive alive, but in peak physical condition.  You need a system that is easy to use/easy to train, durable, compact, economical on a total cost basis, and allows remote fleet management,

The evo® Cold Chain 2.0™ system is the best in class solution for clinical trails and best in class solution for commercialization.