Smart, efficient, intuitive, durable.

All evo®'s start with innovative designs and materials that produce remarkable thermal stability.   Sensors and electronics are carefully designed in to the evo® containers because, "drop in the box" solutions have major performance and operational drawbacks.  SAVSU's heritage is designing vaccine strorager units  for remote use in the harshest environments.  These units have to be durable, simple and intuitive and extremely efficient.   Those design values carry though to the evo® line of modern, smart hardware.



Cloud based. Designed for biotech.

evo®'s cloud based software system is always on, always communicating with the evo® hardware, always recording metrics, location and other trip data, and always monitoring for alarm situations.   Advanced messaging services notify all vital parties in the supply chain for predetermined events or alarm situations.   Upon successful delivery, a trip report is automatically generated and sent to the appropriate parties.   Trip templates, address books and other features make the evo® cloud software easier to use with increased use. 

web test comm.png


Live cell supply chains are complicated networks, not the simple point to point transactions of old.  As such, you need smart communication systems integrated in to the cell movement system.  evo® Cold Chain 2.0™ has that:

Inside Our App:  evo® hardware and cloud software are in regular communication (based on your predefined intervals).   A sophisticated messaging system sends alerts and alarms to the people that you choose based on different events from the opening of the evo (alarms), to arrival at the destination (geo fencing).

Between Apps:  Smart systems share data.  Whether it's LIMS, logistics, courier or any other data system, evo® Cold Chain 2.0™'s API's can communicate.


platform services

evo® Cold Chain 2.0™ is a system and a platform for offering other services for your benefit.   Manage shipments yourself or, from within our app, use integrated courier services (like MNX), or logistics companies (like UPS).   Coming soon are more platform services such as, SAVSU managed shipments, insurance for your shipments, data analytics services, and consumables ordering.