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Good article on the challenges of scaling up CAR T Cell therapy manufacturing in BioProcess Online by Perry Yin from PA Consulting.  We agree with points made regarding logistics and designed the evo® Cold Chain 2.0 system to meet these new challenges.   You can read the article here.

1. Optimize the Manufacturing Process Through Automation

2. Coordinate Logistics With Real-Time Tracking And Feedback

"Given how personalized CAR T-cell therapy is, the patient is an integral component of the supply chain. It is critical that the cellular material taken and produced from one patient is only used to treat that specific patient and that the entire process is completed as quickly as possible. The logistics involved in getting the cells out of the patient to the manufacturing facility and then back into the right patient require complex logistical coordination, involving significantly higher levels of tracking than other cold-chain products that are not as patient-specific and time-sensitive."

3. Move Toward A Decentralized Manufacturing Model