Having a terrific time at ISCT 2017 - London.   We are here through Saturday, May 6 and are sharing booth space with our partner, BioLife Solutions.   Come visit us at Booth 410!

Response to the announcement of our new dry vapor shippers, and the evo® 2-8 XL has been overwhelming.  Thanks to all who have stopped by the booth so far to discuss working with us.  This conference has such intelligent, imaginative people doing such interesting to talk to!

DV-4 is a smart dry vapor shipper designed for domestic shipments of 4-5 days duration (example: within US and Europe).   DV-4 is about half the size of full sized dry vapor shippers, still has a wide neck to accommodate full size cassettes, charges in 20 mins, uses the same evo Vision cloud based platform as all other evo products, and cleans easily.  

DV-10 is our long range dry vapor shipper, offering 10-15 days autonomy, and, like the DV-4,  features our new Fusion technology which speeds charging, dramatically improves dynamic performance, and improves protection of precious  payloads.

evo 2-8C XL is designed primarily for larger volume, fresh cell, inbound shipments.   Simple pack out , very long autonomy, and the evo Vision platform combine to give leading biotech companies and specialty couriers unprecedented information and control over their process.  The evo Cold Chain 2.0 system significantly lowers risk in one of the riskiest sections of the suppy chain. 

See you at the booth,