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Very interesting article about combining gold nano stars with immunotherapy.

"The nanostar spikes work like lightning rods, concentrating the electromagnetic energy at their tips,"

"When a tumor dies, it releases particles that trigger the immune system to attack the remnants," said Vo-Dinh. "By destroying the primary tumor, we activated the immune system against the remaining cancerous cells, and the immunotherapy prevented them from hiding."

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Another interesting 2016 article ("Exploding nanobubbles can kill cancer cells") in Science Magazine about using gold nanoparticles:  here

As hoped, this prevented the heat from spreading to surrounding normal tissues. But the approach had an even more important effect: It caused temperatures to rise higher where there were large clusters of gold nanoparticles. This vaporized adjacent water molecules, creating tiny bubbles that quickly expand and burst, ripping apart the cancer cells. They key, Lapotko says, is that “nanoparticle clusters produce nanobubbles in cancer cells and not normal tissue.”