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When on message boards we have all read the familiar phrase “don’t hijack this thread” which means don’t stray off topic.   With this post, I am dangerously close to doing that.  So, first let me point you to a new post and white paper offered by Simon Ellison at Fisher Bioservices called “Controlling Complexity [Not Cost] of Advanced Therapy Supply Chain”.   You can visit that page here.  Read it and digest it.   There, I have done my part…now on to the hijacking.

In reading that post, I came across three phrases which combine to support a very similar point that we have been making to decision makers about switching to our evo Cold Chain 2.0 system.  Adopting our evo system increases your CONTROL of your supply chain.  Simon makes the very important point that costs are reduced by increasing control:

…if therapy developers can reduce complexity, they can reduce cost

…complexity is driven by the fact that the therapeutic product is moving between organizations and every movement, although mitigated by SOPs, is a change of location, and personnel.

…complexity is reduced when there is control over chain of custody transactions. 

This may be a bit non-intuitive as control is usually a function of effort (labor hours and activity) which suggests that increasing control inevitably results in higher cost.   However, in the era of “always on”, connected devices this traditional assumption is wrong.   Higher control reduces costs because of the incredibly low, incremental cost of monitoring and communication when it is automated.  [note: there is no “free lunch” and the up-front cost of developing the evo technology and building the software that keeps it running was substantial but, the result is a very low incremental cost per shipment for the user].  

High control/high communication in the evo system results in the production of actionable data and lower losses.  Once configured, the evo system automatically handles communication to all important parties so, labor cost is reduced while decision making quality is increased. delivers location data plus, alarms when packages are opened.   Using fully integrated shippers (integrated through our API) allows monitoring of courier actions throughout the trip.   All of these capabilties increase shipper control and reduce labor costs.

The evo system further increases control by eliminating dependence on remote sites because there are no buttons to push to start cooling or data recording.   evo is always on and always recording.  Outstanding autonomy allows for “3 Pier” shipments with no interim actions or recharge by remote sites.   These features increase your control and decrease costs by eliminating losses and mistakes.

evo Cold Chain 2.0 is a highly integrated SYSTEM made up of advanced technologies that combine to increase CONTROL for therapy developers and DECREASE COSTS arising from compliance, loss, and coordination.