extreme  surf warning!  https://www.outsideonline.com/sites/default/files/styles/full-page/public/2016/11/18/big-wave-surfing-paige-alms_h_0.jpg?itok=80CT1LZa

extreme surf warning!


Fun and crazy week here at Savsu! We are in Montreal (coffee and food are great) and announcing a bunch of new stuff:   

1) We are at ISCT 2018 in Booth 718.   Come see us at (Palais des Congrès de Montréal ) and we can demo our evo.is® v1.0 software and talk to you about our new evo extreme™ models (see below)!

2)  Today we launched evo.is v1.0, a major upgrade to our cloud based software.  evo.is v1.0 has a ton of changes to the underlying code, setting us up for new features arriving later this year.   However, the most visible changes are to the User Interface!   We spent the past year training, talking, and watching how you worked with our earlier version of the software and built a brand new UI to make it easier and more "error free" to set-up shipments and to manage evo inventory.    We also overhauled our powerful communications section.    You can read all about it in the evo.is blog HERE.  Please note that both V 0.9beta and V1.0 are still accessible and compatible so, you can play with v1.0 and move when you are ready (we think you will want to adopt it quickly...it's that good).

3) On the hardware side, we continue our fast and furious product development and today are announcing two new products that begin what we are calling our evo extreme line.   You asked and we responded: both models use new technology to push performance in the 2-8C and -80C temp ranges to extreme levels.   Like other evo models, the extreme series offers a flexible trade-off between payload size and autonomy based on your particular needs.   Both models can comfortably offer 10+ days of autonomy in a small, reusable shipper.   This is allowing our early customers to do some really cool, creative stuff with their supply chain management, from clinical trials through commercialization.    Like all evo's, the new extreme models are smart and use our evo.is cloud based information and communication system.   

Click HERE to read the announcement that we sent out this morning.   And...if you can't visit with us in Montreal, you can contact us to talk about the new stuff (or the old stuff), HERE

Stay tuned, more announcements coming in the next few weeks!


(Oh and following up our extreme surfing theme...check out the video below of surfer riding an 80-foot wave.  Yikes!)