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While Savsu's main business focus is providing thermo informatic systems for the regenerative medicine marketplace, our roots are in creating products for the public health market and we still are actively engaged with non-profits and NGO's working on the front line against terrible diseases like ebola and monkey pox.   Savsu's complete line of  "quiet" evo devices are designed to be rugged, simple-to-use, effective protectors of vital medicines and vaccines that work in difficult conditions.   The CryoQ in particular has played a vital role in combating recent ebola outbreaks and is being used by the World Health Organization and Doctors Without Borders.

While we are very happy to contribute to this global battle, the real heroes are the volunteers who are working on the front line in difficult and confusing situations.   In this post we want to highlight the effort of Doctors Without Borders (Medecines Sans Frontieres) who are seemingly everywhere there is a need for critical medical help.

The first link is to a post on their website updating readers on the latest reemergence of the ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  

"Unlike in previous Ebola outbreaks in DRC, where cases have been concentrated in remote villages, patients have now been diagnosed in Mbandaka, a Congo river port city of more than one million inhabitants. While easy access to transportation routes increases the risk of the virus spreading, surveillance is being reinforced."

The second link is an NPR interview with Leah Feldman, a nurse form Maryland and a volunteer with Doctors Without Borders, giving a glimpse of what it is actually like to be in theses remote areas fighting an outbreak.

"Well, you try to breathe because it's very hot. And make sure you don't have fog on your glasses. The taking of the sample is exactly the same as for any nurse who does a blood sample anywhere — but be very, very careful with the needle. Make sure you have all your materials with you before start, then just take a normal blood sample."     Leah Feldman via NPR

Savsu's Public health page opens with the statement "We believe global health starts with local health."  Our quiet evo products are designed to deliver and protect life saving medicines in challenging environments to protect "local health" wherever that maybe.   However, organizations like Doctors without Borders, WHO and volunteers like Leah Feldman are the ones who put themselves at risk to make it work on behalf of all of us.   

You can donate to support Doctors Without Borders HERE .