SAVSU Technologies Launches Two New evo® Smart Shipper Models to Improve Apheresis Collection Shipments and Cryopreserved Cell and Gene Therapies 

  • evo ACS™ Extends Thermal Protection During Shipment of Patients' T Cells for Downstream Manufacturing of CAR T-Cell Therapies

  • DV7™ Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Offers 7 Days Frozen Storage in a Compact, Non-palletized Form Factor Supporting Use on Regional Aircraft'

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Phacilitate, Miami, January 2019: Team Savsu introduces two new models: the DV7 (temp range: -196c) and the ACS (temp range 2-8c). Interest in the new models was fantastic and, we want to thank everyone for stopping by to talk.


The evo ACS is a category-breaking 2-8°C shipper specifically designed for shipping apheresis collections of live cells intended for downstream manufacturing of autologous cell therapies. A smart system with thermal autonomy of 15+ days, the ACS allows cell therapy companies to safely source incoming materials globally while providing a high degree of supply chain control. Built for the challenges of commercialization, the ACS, connected to the, is "always on" and does not require special training or "button pushing" by hospital staff to turn the device on, as is the case with other shipping containers.

The ACS is a game changer. It gives our cell and gene therapy customers an unprecedented degree of flexibility in designing systems for their fresh cells that reduce risk, increase intelligence, and can scale through commercialization. With the current awareness of the impact variability of apheresis collections can have on final cell quality and therapeutic efficacy, we believe evo ACS will be very well received and preferred by the leading cell therapy developers.
— Bruce McCormick, President, Savsu Technologies

The new evo DV7 extends SAVSU's dry vapor shipper product line, which maintains biologic payloads at a temperature of -196°C during storage and transport. Positioned between the DV4 and the DV10, the DV7 offers 7 days of thermal autonomy in a compact unit, while maintaining a large payload size similar to the DV10. Like all other SAVSU DV shippers, the DV7 is built with SAVSU's proprietary Fusion Core™, Smart Cap™, and Autonomous Payload Extractor™ technologies. 

Our customers have been asking for a compact evo DV shipper with 7 days of autonomy. The DV7 retains the advantages of the DV10 unit in a more compact form factor. It’s easier to handle, easier to store, and less expensive to ship. Since we design and build our evo shippers and cloud software, these new products represent our ability to respond to customer needs and quickly bring innovative products to market. Based on feedback from our early focus group customers, the DV7 could capture a significant share of the market for dry vapor shippers.
— Caitlin Rice, evo Product Manager, Savsu Technologies

Please contact us if you are interested in the DV7, ACS, or any of our products and services.

You can read our full press release HERE