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Interesting article in BioProcess Online, written by Carla Reed (Founder/CEO, NewCreedLLC) from February 25, 2019: “Recalibrating The Supply Chain For Allogeneic Cell Therapies”. You can read the whole article at BioProcess Online HERE.

Allogeneic therapies offer some obvious advantages from the production perspective. However, unlike autologous therapies — where the patient and their location are known from the outset — allogeneic therapies can be distributed to patients across a wide geographic area. In many cases, the point of care for a commercial allogeneic therapy is in a different location than the product’s clinical trials sites. This presents challenges that are unique to allogeneic therapies, not the least of which is identifying where to position product inventory and distribution channels for delivery to an undefined network of caregivers.
— Carla Reed, New Creed LLC, in BioProcess Online, February 25, 2019
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At Savsu, we working with clients preparing allogenic products for trials and commercialization and, we agree, the supply chain challenges are unique. Our hardware sizing flexibility, partnership with the leading specialty couriers, evo DV access to regional jets, and powerful communications module in help to build a robust, efficient, flexible supply chain. Contact us if you would like to explore this topic.

Note: If you missed her previous article on designing a successful supply chain for autologous therapies, “Establishing A Critical Supply Chain For Autologous Cell And Gene Therapies” (November 15, 2018), you can read it HERE. “

And…you can visit Carla’s NewCreed LLC website HERE.