Software Release 0.9

The Savsu software team has been hard at work rebranding the cloud platform and adding improving features.

The platform, dubbed evoIS, replaces the previous name, mybiologistex. The URL will remain intact for some time, so bookmarks, history tabs, and legacy notification links will continue to work a they had previously.

Release 0.9 makes major branding revisions, with the new name, new logo, and updated privacy and terms of use.

The second major feature is the inclusion of geo-fence notifications on all modes of shipping. The new feature improves tracking and notifications based on proximity to a valid street address.

The login page features a streamlined form.

The New Shipment workflow has updated terminology, changing “I need a shipping label” YES / NO toggle to the clearer “Shipping Mode” with the options of UPS or OTHER. When shipping with any OTHER mode, the user is able to choose the carrier of his or her choice or transport the evo manually, without a carrier. The label “Self-Managed” appears on shipments that are created using the “OTHER” mode.

New Shipments of all types, both UPS and OTHER, are now required to enter an address. This address is used to set the focal point of the geo-fence, which is an optional notification parameter for all shipments.

This software release also includes some minor bug fixes.

Software Release 0.8

Savsu releases the latest update to the web application, marking the version number 0.8. Notable improvements and behavior includes:

  • An additional user role, named Guest. Account Guests are able to see individual shipments made visible to them by way of a shipment's group assignment. 
  • Shipments may now have zero, one, or multiple groups assigned upon creation
  • Shipments that are assigned a group that includes Guest users allow Guests to view real-time and historical information about that shipment
  • The shipment report has received a major overhaul. Metrics about the shipment are available to view or print. New features include but are not limited to:
    • filtering reporting on shipment legs containing payload
    • mean kinetic temperature analysis
    • visual cues to help identify issues with a shipment should they occur
    • thermodynamic analysis
  • The CSV raw data download has received a major overhaul. New features include but are not limited to:
    • Columns are designated for evo sensor data 
    • Geolocation provided using latitude and longitude
    • Data converted into traditional units of measurement wherever appropriate
    • Raw data is usable in Excel or in a relational database management system

Additionally, we have dropped support for Internet Explorer. Microsoft encourages all Internet Explorer users to instead upgrade to Microsoft Edge. We do this to bring the very best experience to our users. Savsu recommends Chrome and Firefox for the best user experiences and the best support of upcoming features.

Users of the evo will see these updates automatically, rolled out over the next several days. 

Software Release 0.7.15

The evo biologistex software team is pleased to announce some major enhancements to the cloud-based platform. The new capabilities on the customer portal include:

  • New User Roles - Divisions of labor and concern are capable using User Roles and permissions specific to their roles. The new user roles are:
    • Administrators - command all aspects of the company’s account, which is the traditional role for the biologistex web interface.
    • Managers - dedicated to shipment and technician management. May view all shipments in a company’s
    • Technicians - Users who are members of specific groups, who create shipments belonging to his or her member group.

    • Auditors - Read-only reviewers, who can check in on inventory and shipment progress without the concern of updating any information.

  • Groups and group management - shipments may now be created with a group assignment, allowing certain user roles to view only shipments belonging to that group. This allows subscriptions to specific shipments in a private setting, where only users privy to those shipments will be able to view them. Currently, only Technician user roles may be members of groups, but Guest user roles are coming soon

  • Group-specific shipments - Groups are important for private shipment permissions. Shipments created with an associated group will remain invisible to Technicians outside of that group.

These features are now available.