Patch 1.1.2

Because the United States Postal Service address validation we have used for validating addresses doesn’t work as well as we’d hoped, we have moved to a simpler validation process. Insead of processing address validations through USPS, we instead use a mapping service to return the location of the address entered.

In a new shipment, once the user has verified the address is highlighted in the map area, the user may save the address and proceed with the next steps.


  • Enhances feedback of changes to the company users

  • Removes USPS limitations on address validation.

  • Validates addresses based on geolocation, not street address

  • Allows user to now Verify an address location is correct visually

  • Provides additional details to the user roles in the Users section

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the map for a validated address would not render fully, making it more difficult to know whether the address entered matched the map.

For questions or assistance, email

Patch 1.1.1

This minor patch improves the software in the following way:

  • Savsu support email,, not displayed prominently when a user is locked out of his or her account. Account lockouts occur after an attempt to log in has failed five time for a registered user. Only Savsu Technologies support team can unlock those accounts.

  • Raw data report will not include data collected from a “Find Now” event.

Release 1.1.0 and a new URL!

New domain name!

We’ve moved the application to its new home, right on The domain name makes it easy to type, and easy to get to from our home page.

We’re pleased to announce version 1.1.0 of the evoIS platform. In it, we have added the capability to ship from any valid address in the world, to any valid address in the world, which opens new opportunities for our logistics partners.


  • Multiple origin addresses

    • Pick from any of your account’s origin addresses, or create a new one, right from the New Shipment workflow.

    Users creating new shipments will see a new panel in the New Shipment creation page.

origin address validated.png
  • Battery life check

    • When creating a new shipment, the life of the battery has been checked for longevity

      • evoIS will allow users to ship with a battery below 50% charge and above 30% charge, with a warning message recommending a fresh battery

      • evoIS will disallow users to ship with a battery at or below 30% charge, and will require a new battery or a different smart shipper

      • evoIS will also disallow users to ship if the evo hasn’t reported within the last hour and a half. Swap the battery for a fresh one or try with a different smart shipper.

  • User Interface response time improvements

  • Raw Data Button messaging

    • in rare circumstances, the Raw Data button would not automatically download a raw data report due to not enough time on the shipment. Now those affected shipments notify the user of the need to wait until at least one data record is returned for that shipment.

  • Email Messaging

    • Email messages now take full advantage of their ability to display shipment titles and URLs in full text, without truncating.

Patch 1.0.3

Release 1.0.3 adds a new security feature and patches some known defects.

New Feature:

  • Idle sessions will be logged out automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. 
  • After 20 minutes, a pop-up dialog box will be presented to alert the user of their inactivity. After 10 more minutes of inactivity, the user will be logged out of the application and redirected to the login screen.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Improves Battery Level consistency across all pages. 
  • Higher barometric pressure maximum (1085 mbar, from 1000 mbar)
  • Geofence value is now loaded on the config tab when evo is In Transit
  • Tilt max from 90° to 180°
  • Confirmation message added when user requests password reset
  • Email notifications no longer truncated like SMS messages are
  • Removes "configuration" field on available evos (not in transit)
  • Guests allowed to update their passwords
  • Deactivated Users button updated to toggle the term Show / Hide depending on state
  • Default ranges on evo presets improved
  • Evos page displays Available evos first, In Transit evos second, constantly 
  • Adds ability to remove all recipient contacts from a recipient record
  • Updates JQuery to 1.12.4 for Django REST Framework compatibility
  • Corrects a scenario where creating a new preset would remove navigation elements
  • Corrects a scenario where some users could promote other users to elevated permissions

evoIS software patch 1.0.2

We regularly patch evoIS to improve performance and fix bugs. The following list includes the most significant updates to the end users. 


  • The contact recipient grid shows a single option for temperature notifications and pressure notifications.
  • Unification of temperature and pressure notifications, instead of discrete high / low notification cases.
  • New shipment workflow will now roll-back evo-sensitive information when the evo or evo type are changed, starting the workflow over with a clean slate.
  • Added national flag icons to phone numbers. 

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a rare case where raw data wasn't parsed properly when a certain data condition was met.
  • Fixed an issue where some evos showed out-dated battery charge on some pages. 
  • Other enhancements and bug-fixes.

For questions about this patch or any software or hardware related issues, contact or contact us.

evoIS software patch 1.0.1

Release Patch Notes for 1.0.1

Release 1.0.1 adds some functionality and patches some minor defects. 

New Features:

  • Friendly Name editable in evoIS
  • Company Administrators may edit company contact information
  • Guest users may change their own passwords
  • Evos may be searched by either their friendly name or sensor device ID

Defects patched:

  • Evo Details "Feed Updated" now reads as "Evo Responded" with the time since the evo was last seen online. 
  • Unchecked checkboxes are now honored on reload
  • evo images color corrected to show proper DV type 
  • Future pack-out time ability removed
  • Improved Saved Shipment functionality

For support and to report any defects you may find, please email with your request or discovery.

Thank you! 

- Savsu Technologies, LLC

evoIS Software Release 1.0

Notes for 1.0

The future of evoIS is here. With the 1.0 release, we have developed an entirely new, cleaner, easier to navigate web application. Creating new shipments is refined to limit human error. The shipment dashboard can be filtered very easily. evo management and user access management is made clearer than ever and even more easy to use. 

To use the new evoIS interface, click the link from the login page or any page inside the traditional web application. 

Current users can use either the traditional app or the new updated app for the time being. You will have plenty of time to transition to the new application before we retire it in Q4 2018.

Additionally, we've expanded our supported nations to over 200 countries. 

Supported browsers include:

  • Chrome 65+ (Windows 10, MacOS)
  • Firefox 59+ (Windows 10, MacOS)
  • Safari 11+ (MacOS)
  • Windows Edge 41+ (Windows 10)

Known Bugs

  • Company information will only be editable in the traditional UI
  • Guests will only be able to update their passwords from the traditional UI
  • Shipments are incorrectly able to be packed out in advance.

Bug fixes for these issues are on their way. 

If you experience an issue or find a bug at any point, please email and let us know about it. 

Software Release 0.9

The Savsu software team has been hard at work rebranding the cloud platform and adding improving features.

The platform, dubbed evoIS, replaces the previous name, mybiologistex. The URL will remain intact for some time, so bookmarks, history tabs, and legacy notification links will continue to work a they had previously.

Release 0.9 makes major branding revisions, with the new name, new logo, and updated privacy and terms of use.

The second major feature is the inclusion of geo-fence notifications on all modes of shipping. The new feature improves tracking and notifications based on proximity to a valid street address.

The login page features a streamlined form.

The New Shipment workflow has updated terminology, changing “I need a shipping label” YES / NO toggle to the clearer “Shipping Mode” with the options of UPS or OTHER. When shipping with any OTHER mode, the user is able to choose the carrier of his or her choice or transport the evo manually, without a carrier. The label “Self-Managed” appears on shipments that are created using the “OTHER” mode.

New Shipments of all types, both UPS and OTHER, are now required to enter an address. This address is used to set the focal point of the geo-fence, which is an optional notification parameter for all shipments.

This software release also includes some minor bug fixes.

Software Release 0.8

Savsu releases the latest update to the web application, marking the version number 0.8. Notable improvements and behavior includes:

  • An additional user role, named Guest. Account Guests are able to see individual shipments made visible to them by way of a shipment's group assignment. 
  • Shipments may now have zero, one, or multiple groups assigned upon creation
  • Shipments that are assigned a group that includes Guest users allow Guests to view real-time and historical information about that shipment
  • The shipment report has received a major overhaul. Metrics about the shipment are available to view or print. New features include but are not limited to:
    • filtering reporting on shipment legs containing payload
    • mean kinetic temperature analysis
    • visual cues to help identify issues with a shipment should they occur
    • thermodynamic analysis
  • The CSV raw data download has received a major overhaul. New features include but are not limited to:
    • Columns are designated for evo sensor data 
    • Geolocation provided using latitude and longitude
    • Data converted into traditional units of measurement wherever appropriate
    • Raw data is usable in Excel or in a relational database management system

Additionally, we have dropped support for Internet Explorer. Microsoft encourages all Internet Explorer users to instead upgrade to Microsoft Edge. We do this to bring the very best experience to our users. Savsu recommends Chrome and Firefox for the best user experiences and the best support of upcoming features.

Users of the evo will see these updates automatically, rolled out over the next several days. 

Software Release 0.7.15

The evo biologistex software team is pleased to announce some major enhancements to the cloud-based platform. The new capabilities on the customer portal include:

  • New User Roles - Divisions of labor and concern are capable using User Roles and permissions specific to their roles. The new user roles are:
    • Administrators - command all aspects of the company’s account, which is the traditional role for the biologistex web interface.
    • Managers - dedicated to shipment and technician management. May view all shipments in a company’s
    • Technicians - Users who are members of specific groups, who create shipments belonging to his or her member group.

    • Auditors - Read-only reviewers, who can check in on inventory and shipment progress without the concern of updating any information.

  • Groups and group management - shipments may now be created with a group assignment, allowing certain user roles to view only shipments belonging to that group. This allows subscriptions to specific shipments in a private setting, where only users privy to those shipments will be able to view them. Currently, only Technician user roles may be members of groups, but Guest user roles are coming soon

  • Group-specific shipments - Groups are important for private shipment permissions. Shipments created with an associated group will remain invisible to Technicians outside of that group.

These features are now available.