The evo biologistex software team is pleased to announce some major enhancements to the cloud-based platform. The new capabilities on the customer portal include:

  • New User Roles - Divisions of labor and concern are capable using User Roles and permissions specific to their roles. The new user roles are:
    • Administrators - command all aspects of the company’s account, which is the traditional role for the biologistex web interface.
    • Managers - dedicated to shipment and technician management. May view all shipments in a company’s
    • Technicians - Users who are members of specific groups, who create shipments belonging to his or her member group.

    • Auditors - Read-only reviewers, who can check in on inventory and shipment progress without the concern of updating any information.

  • Groups and group management - shipments may now be created with a group assignment, allowing certain user roles to view only shipments belonging to that group. This allows subscriptions to specific shipments in a private setting, where only users privy to those shipments will be able to view them. Currently, only Technician user roles may be members of groups, but Guest user roles are coming soon

  • Group-specific shipments - Groups are important for private shipment permissions. Shipments created with an associated group will remain invisible to Technicians outside of that group.

These features are now available.