Savsu releases the latest update to the web application, marking the version number 0.8. Notable improvements and behavior includes:

  • An additional user role, named Guest. Account Guests are able to see individual shipments made visible to them by way of a shipment's group assignment. 
  • Shipments may now have zero, one, or multiple groups assigned upon creation
  • Shipments that are assigned a group that includes Guest users allow Guests to view real-time and historical information about that shipment
  • The shipment report has received a major overhaul. Metrics about the shipment are available to view or print. New features include but are not limited to:
    • filtering reporting on shipment legs containing payload
    • mean kinetic temperature analysis
    • visual cues to help identify issues with a shipment should they occur
    • thermodynamic analysis
  • The CSV raw data download has received a major overhaul. New features include but are not limited to:
    • Columns are designated for evo sensor data 
    • Geolocation provided using latitude and longitude
    • Data converted into traditional units of measurement wherever appropriate
    • Raw data is usable in Excel or in a relational database management system

Additionally, we have dropped support for Internet Explorer. Microsoft encourages all Internet Explorer users to instead upgrade to Microsoft Edge. We do this to bring the very best experience to our users. Savsu recommends Chrome and Firefox for the best user experiences and the best support of upcoming features.

Users of the evo will see these updates automatically, rolled out over the next several days.