Notes for 1.0

The future of evoIS is here. With the 1.0 release, we have developed an entirely new, cleaner, easier to navigate web application. Creating new shipments is refined to limit human error. The shipment dashboard can be filtered very easily. evo management and user access management is made clearer than ever and even more easy to use. 

To use the new evoIS interface, click the link from the login page or any page inside the traditional web application. 

Current users can use either the traditional app or the new updated app for the time being. You will have plenty of time to transition to the new application before we retire it in Q4 2018.

Additionally, we've expanded our supported nations to over 200 countries. 

Supported browsers include:

  • Chrome 65+ (Windows 10, MacOS)
  • Firefox 59+ (Windows 10, MacOS)
  • Safari 11+ (MacOS)
  • Windows Edge 41+ (Windows 10)

Known Bugs

  • Company information will only be editable in the traditional UI
  • Guests will only be able to update their passwords from the traditional UI
  • Shipments are incorrectly able to be packed out in advance.

Bug fixes for these issues are on their way. 

If you experience an issue or find a bug at any point, please email and let us know about it.