Release Patch Notes for 1.0.1

Release 1.0.1 adds some functionality and patches some minor defects. 

New Features:

  • Friendly Name editable in evoIS
  • Company Administrators may edit company contact information
  • Guest users may change their own passwords
  • Evos may be searched by either their friendly name or sensor device ID

Defects patched:

  • Evo Details "Feed Updated" now reads as "Evo Responded" with the time since the evo was last seen online. 
  • Unchecked checkboxes are now honored on reload
  • evo images color corrected to show proper DV type 
  • Future pack-out time ability removed
  • Improved Saved Shipment functionality

For support and to report any defects you may find, please email with your request or discovery.

Thank you! 

- Savsu Technologies, LLC