New domain name!

We’ve moved the application to its new home, right on The domain name makes it easy to type, and easy to get to from our home page.

We’re pleased to announce version 1.1.0 of the evoIS platform. In it, we have added the capability to ship from any valid address in the world, to any valid address in the world, which opens new opportunities for our logistics partners.


  • Multiple origin addresses

    • Pick from any of your account’s origin addresses, or create a new one, right from the New Shipment workflow.

    Users creating new shipments will see a new panel in the New Shipment creation page.

origin address validated.png
  • Battery life check

    • When creating a new shipment, the life of the battery has been checked for longevity

      • evoIS will allow users to ship with a battery below 50% charge and above 30% charge, with a warning message recommending a fresh battery

      • evoIS will disallow users to ship with a battery at or below 30% charge, and will require a new battery or a different smart shipper

      • evoIS will also disallow users to ship if the evo hasn’t reported within the last hour and a half. Swap the battery for a fresh one or try with a different smart shipper.

  • User Interface response time improvements

  • Raw Data Button messaging

    • in rare circumstances, the Raw Data button would not automatically download a raw data report due to not enough time on the shipment. Now those affected shipments notify the user of the need to wait until at least one data record is returned for that shipment.

  • Email Messaging

    • Email messages now take full advantage of their ability to display shipment titles and URLs in full text, without truncating.