Release 1.0.3 adds a new security feature and patches some known defects.

New Feature:

  • Idle sessions will be logged out automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. 
  • After 20 minutes, a pop-up dialog box will be presented to alert the user of their inactivity. After 10 more minutes of inactivity, the user will be logged out of the application and redirected to the login screen.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Improves Battery Level consistency across all pages. 
  • Higher barometric pressure maximum (1085 mbar, from 1000 mbar)
  • Geofence value is now loaded on the config tab when evo is In Transit
  • Tilt max from 90° to 180°
  • Confirmation message added when user requests password reset
  • Email notifications no longer truncated like SMS messages are
  • Removes "configuration" field on available evos (not in transit)
  • Guests allowed to update their passwords
  • Deactivated Users button updated to toggle the term Show / Hide depending on state
  • Default ranges on evo presets improved
  • Evos page displays Available evos first, In Transit evos second, constantly 
  • Adds ability to remove all recipient contacts from a recipient record
  • Updates JQuery to 1.12.4 for Django REST Framework compatibility
  • Corrects a scenario where creating a new preset would remove navigation elements
  • Corrects a scenario where some users could promote other users to elevated permissions