Release 1.2.0 comes with one major feature, which is the automatic end of shipment lasting longer than 30 days, plus performance improvements and Guest and Technician limitations enforced more strongly.



Improved reporting consistency: Detailed shipment reports are set to GMT time wherever possible. Please note: it is not currently possible to display the temperature chart in GMT. Charts still display in local timezone. A future development effort will align charts with GMT timezone.

Widens printed chart for more label space

Adds GZip compression for faster download and response times of raw data downloads.


Improved historical audit capability: Fix shipment end attribution to user responsible

Attribute Shipment Ends to the proper user when possible.

30-day limiter

We've added a scheduler for all shipments that will notify the creators of those shipments after 20 days of being active, to remind them there is a shipment still active.

The scheduler reminds shipment creators to end their shipment, and if the shipment hasn't been ended in 30 days, the shipment will be automatically ended and moved to history. The creator will be again notified of the shipment having been ended by the system.

The timer looks at the pack-out time of a shipment to determine the overall length of a shipment.

Raw Data Reports

To ensure large raw data reports download to the client computer as expected, the Raw Data reports are now chunked into smaller pieces and then stitched together on the client side to make a single contiguous report. This speeds up the download process and ensures large reports don't bog down the application or result in a time-out condition.

Bug Fixes:

Fixes issue where ended shipments continued to be displayed on the active shipment page until a page refresh. They are now moved immediately

Filters In Transit evos to only show evos in a shipment that a technician has the proper group access to.

Disables editing of evo config from the evos page.

Disables the ability to assign multiple groups to Guest and Technician users. Users assigned to multiple groups should be reassigned to a single group by a company administrator or manager. Guests and technicians who have been assigned multiple groups should be updated by a company manager to be assigned a single group.

As with every release, we patch bugs discovered internally and reported by our users. No major bugs to report this release. If you find a bug in our software, please report it to

Other updates:

Update to the queue system for better compatibility with 3rd-party libraries