Release Version 1.3.0


Performance Calculator (BETA)

Savsu and evoIS are pleased to release our newest feature, the Performance Calculator. With it, primary customers are able to see the minute near-real-time estimated calculations of the vaporization rate of the nitrogen. 

Improved UI

We have heard your feedback and continue to update and refine our UI.  The user interface now uses a more compact sidebar and high contrast color schemes to make it easier on your eyes and make your workflow more productive. Iconography has been updated to better reflect the purpose of menu items, and profile settings have been relocated to the profile dropdown to avoid any unwanted logouts.  Other improvements include better, more descriptive terminology and labels of some very important key terms.

Guided Tour

Users new to the evoIS platform get the grand tour. As we roll out this feature, you will see a guided tour the next time you log in. This tour highlights recent changes and helps new users get right to what's important - New Shipments, and Shipment Details.

Live Status

A new feature that allows instantaneous payload status to be delivered to “non-evoIS” users.  This feature only works with Savsu’s next generation external packaging.  For more details, see detailed release notes in evoIS , talk to your specialty courier representative, or contact us directly.